In loving memory of Lou, whose sweet face will be missed beyond measure.

In memory of Lilo, and in appreciation of Dawn Peters and Alignment Home Group. Thank you for your dedication to your clients and your compassion for the community.

​Wishing you an amazing start to the new year! I'm so grateful for the wisdom and kindness you share and show to everyone. Here's to helping the smartest species around!

​Unfortunately Choco had to wait over a year to find the right family and certainly fit into ours. What a great dog and he is truly missed.

Rowan's loving ways continue.

Sue loved all her dogs!

Jeff, My favorite doggie foster dad. Love you - SK

It hurts to lose someone

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Best wishes to you, Rachel Westerkamp and Alex White, on your upcoming marriage. Thank you for your devotion to not only your amazing furry friends, Blue & Boyd, but also to all the dogs out there that need love, shelter and care. You are making a difference! We love you!

Tammy & Mike

In loving memory of Louis.

In memory of Jess, a truly wonderful person.

Dayla was a beloved companion and friend and will be missed.

Tributes and memorials - 2023

​Click here to make your memorial or tribute donation.
Memorials:  Memorials may be made in memory of individuals or pets who have passed away.  When a special individual or animal companion leaves us, it marks a time of loss and grief.  Your memorial donation will help the dogs rescued by Wish Bone Canine Rescue find loving new homes.  Please donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  For each donation, a virtual candle will be lit and a photo with your special words will be placed on our memorial page for one year. 
Tributes:  You may also help animals in need by paying tribute to someone special. Give a donation to Wish Bone Rescue in honor of an individual, beloved pet, family member or friend (in lieu of a present) and we will send them a card announcing your gift. 

To Rachel, Alex, Blue, and Boyd

Love your love for doggos and can’t wait to celebrate your love in October!!

In loving memory of Sammi Gilmore

Rowan will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

In memory of Doc whose love touched our hearts forever. May his love help other animals in need.

​In honor of Erin Sachs

In loving memory of Samoa

​Carol was a loving individual to all.

In honor of Denise Nelson

Maizy I cant ever tell you how much I loved you or how much I miss you. I hope and pray every day that one day I will see you and my other babies again some day.
That we will all be happy as we once were.
I loved to watch you play and acting silly with your brother. Such sweet and wonderful memories you gave me....Thanks so much
Please don't forget me,
Love you forever....Dad

​I adopted Parker as a puppy, from Wish Bone, almost 12 years ago.
He will be deeply missed.
He was my best buddy.

Eternal thanks to Wish Bone for saving our little girl so we could love on her for 5+ years.

Scott - Your coworkers miss your knowledge, kindness, and humor. Thank you for your compassion towards animals.

In memory of Richard “Bubby” Sylvester

In loving memory of Ruth Apfelbaum on what would have been her 90th birthday.

​In fond memory of Gary Apfelbaum.

​In recognition Larry and Karen's work on behalf of Wish Bone.

Named Liberty Belle because she was born on the 4th of July. A Rottweiler attitude in a Yorkie body. Fierce and protective of those she loved, she gave us 14 years of unconditional love. Three years without her now and she has been missed every day of those years

Thank you Dixie for touching so many people's lives and reminding us what is good about the world. Also, reminding all of us that we need to take a break and play ball sometimes.

Honoring Oreo Oblinger-Hammond. A truly special guy. Rest in Peace, Oreo. You guarded the family well.

Kamii was a rescue dog that I had. She was the best dog and friend I could have ever asked for. Shelter dogs have so much love to give. I currently have a wishbone pup, Dexter, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

In loving memory of Donna Morefield.


Your dad (and your mom, too) were wonderful people.

I'm sure you will miss him but I hope wonderful memories will help though your loss.


In loving memory of Scott who was a wonderful person, co-worker, and animal lover. May you rest in peace.

​Remembering the beautiful woman and soul who touched so many lives, who continues to be missed greatly.

We miss you Karla Akwa.

In memory of Jamie Torpy Crawley. From Barbara Bronke and family.

In memory of Stewart and all of the dogs he has loved.

​Happy Birthday, Mike! Enjoy the day with your sweet pups - Fiona, Chuck and Ebony!

Arlo was the best poof head, hambone, silly boy ever. He will be greatly missed by everyone that had the pleasure to be in his world

I knew Scott for most all of my time at work since the early 1990s. He was always very kind and funny and enjoyed doing things outside of work with him.

In memory of our beloved friend, Enzo.

Tom and Steve Barger