Volunteer Opportunities

Adoption Application Processing/Scheduling Team:This task is done from your home; computer and phone access is necessary. You will be assigned one day per week to make calls to applicants, landlords, vets, and references as part of the adoption process. This fast-paced position helps our dogs move into the best homes as quickly as possible. Estimated time commitment: about 2-3 hours weekly 
​Adoption Specialist Team and Adoption Specialist Leader:
This volunteer performs adoption meetings, based on their own schedule. You may meet potential adopters at the shelter or offsite adoption events and assist adopters complete necessary paperwork. This is a popular, fulfilling volunteer role. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours weekly, very flexible 
Adoption Check Up Team: ​
Approximately 2-3 weeks after each adoption, a volunteer reaches out to the adoptive family. If the family is facing issues, they connect them with resources (such as training, grooming, etc.). Estimated time commitment: about 2 hours weekly, depending on adoption volume 
Adoption Events Team: ​
Assist with loading/unloading dogs and supplies at offsite events, set-up, walk dogs during events, and talk to potential adopters. Estimated time commitment: adoption events generally run 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon 

 Office Assistant Team:   Answer phones, assistant visitors, file and other clerical duties, organize and tidy up.

​Petfinder Team:​This team of volunteers enters, removes, and modifies pictures and bios on Petfinder.com and one other online site. Each team member is on call one week per month. Additions and/or modifications generally need to be made to both sites daily. Must be available to do updates during your week within 24 hours of receiving them. This work must be done on a computer, not a phone.Good writing and spelling skills are a plus. Estimated time commitment: depends on dog intake during your week, but 2-3 hours a week is typical
Grant Writing Team: ​
Search internet for grants, identify opportunities for which Wish Bone qualifies.  Write those grants. Estimated time commitment: depends on the number of grants you write 
Grooming & Bathing Team and Team Leader:
This volunteer must have experience bathing and/or grooming dogs. Estimated time commitment: flexible 
Vet Records:​
This volunteer will assist with the assembly of adoption folder, data entry, and recording of vet instructions. Data entry and problem-solving skills are a plus. Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours weekly 
​Dog Walking & Socialization Team:
​ Exercise and play with the dogs to mentally and physically stimulate them. Estimated time commitment: flexible 

Community Outreach: ​This volunteer assists at community events to spread the word about Wish Bone. This may include a presence at adoption events, festivals, and other events. 
​Thank You Team:​
This volunteer will assist with mailing thank you notes based on information received from multiple sources. Estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours per week 
Photography/Video Team & Photography/Video Team Leader:​
This team will photograph and/or create videos of our dogs for use on the website, Facebook, and Pet Finder. Estimated time commitment: flexible 
Foster Team​: This volunteer will assist to process foster applications, share information regarding new dogs with foster parents and arrange placement in foster homes, answer foster questions, provide support and resources to WBCR fosters, help collect info on all dogs to share with potential adopters, remind foster parents about upcoming events and attendance, assist with foster recruitment and answer questions for those interested in fostering. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours weekly