Adoption facts

Wish Bone Canine Rescue relies on its volunteers and foster families to continue our rescue work; removing animals from immediate danger of euthanasia at shelters and placing them in the safety of foster homes. At WBCR, they receive veterinary care, are rehabilitated as needed, and readied for adoption. While dogs are in our care, they are evaluated, socialized, and well cared for.

Service included in the adoption fee:  
​Complete physical examination      
​Spay or neuter 
Nail trim 
Appropriate vaccinations
Heartworm antigen test    
Heartworm preventative  
Flea and tick preventative  
Microchip with lifetime registration     

​Once you adopt a Wish Bone dog, we ask that you
take an adult dog to your vet within 7 days and puppies under
4 months old within 3 days.

The adoption fee listed on each dog's profile helps to cover the
costs of care such as veterinary exam, vaccinations, preventatives,
medications, food and other related necessities. Some dogs have
received additional laboratory testing, ​bloodwork, dental work, or
other specialty care.