Name: Milo

Email Address:

We have come to the decision to rehome our dog. Milo is a 6 year old male Great Pyrenees and has been with our family for 4 years. We love him dearly. I understand what kind of breed he is and it is his nature to be protective. He is trained, housebroken, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. This is the toughest decision our family has made because we've never rehomed a dog. He loves car rides and lounging inside air-conditioning or playing in the snow. He is very protective of the family, especially our 17 year old daughter. But in our home we help children in need throughout the year. Our handsome Great Pyrenees has to spend a lot of time alone due to him not being good with children, typically male children. He would be best in a home with no children and no cats. He can be such a gentle giant. I do understand people will disagree with our decision to rehome him... this decision was not made quickly... It has taken a lot of time and consideration into making this decision. We just want to find a loving home for him where he can be with the family more than he is currently. Thank you for your understanding.

POSTING DATE: 07/22/2021

Name: Girl

Email Address:

Girl is a 10 months old Shepherd/Pitbull mix. She is not spayed. I cannot provide the attention she requires. She is high energy and needs training and constant supervision. She is very loving and gentle and has potential to be an awesome animal provided the puppy is cared for properly. I am not home enough to cater to her, but she is a very smart and beautiful girl. When we got her it was the winter time and she will use the outside to potty, but is periodically having “accidents” inside. She has to be supervised like a toddler if she is not crated. She can jump baby gates and requires lots of exercise, training, and needs to be spayed. She has all of her shots and is healthy and good with all people and animals. Very cuddly and adorable, also very smart and destructive if not exercised preferably a home with a fenced in yard. She can dig, chew, jump on counters, and is extremely strong. She has to have someone willing to put in the work to train and teach her better manners. She is a darling loving sweet baby who needs a home that is a better fit. She has had her shots and is microchipped; she is healthy and loved.

POSTING DATE: 06/30/2021

Name: Max

Email Address:

Max is a 7 year old intact male Pitbull mix. He accidentally hurt my 2 year old daughter and we are afraid something like that might happen again. He's a medium large dog with beautiful tiger like stripes of orange and white. Very gentle but also very playful. Has issues with his hip. Was raised around kids all his life, but would prefer he not be around small children on a regular basis.

POSTING DATE: 07/01/2021

Locally Owned pets needing a new home

Below are adoptable dogs needing a new home because their owners have had a lifestyle change requiring them to find a new home for their pet.   Please be aware that the dogs posted on this page are courtesy listings.  These dogs do not belong to Wish Bone Canine Rescue; we have not assessed or examined them.  All information provided has been submitted by the owners; we cannot verify its accuracy.  For additional information or to adopt, please contact the owner listed. 

If you own a dog that you can no longer keep and would like to find a new home for it, click on the link below which will take you directly to our application for posting your dog. Please complete the form and submit and we will post as soon as possible.  Dogs will remain posted as a courtesy listing on our website for one month, after which you must resubmit a new application.

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Names: Pete and Charlie

Email address:

Pete and Charlie are 4 year old neutered, male cats. Pete is the domestic shorthair cat on the right; he loves to cuddle and sleep. Front is declawed. He does great with dogs.

Charlie is the tuxedo on the left, he is an active loving male. He has all of his claws. Loves kids and does great with dogs.

POSTING DATE: 08/05/2021

Name: Lulu

Email Address:

Hi! I’m Lulu and I can’t wait to cuddle with you! I’m a four-year-old spayed Beagle/Terrier mix. I stay in shape at just around 35 lbs. I’m well trained with all the basic commands and even know how to roll over. My favorite things are cuddling and playing inside. I’m pretty neutral about walks, I just like to hang around you. I’m also very social with dogs and humans. Little kids can stress me out and make me anxious though. But I’m always happy to play or run around for a little bit. I have no problem eating my food or treats (or anything else really), as long as I get a half a pill of over-the-counter Omeprazole in the morning. During the day, I’m happy to lay around or play a bit. At night, I love to cuddle up but am just as happy sleeping quietly in a bed near you. I’d be happy to meet you and play and would be even happier if you wanted to take me home with you.

POSTING DATE: 07/11/2021