Name:  Tyson

Email Address:

I have a 5 year old unneutered boxer that is needing a forever home due to unforeseen circumstances due to no fault of his own. He is a great dog and good with kids .He loves everyone and attention. He’s white with one brown patch. He is a full blooded boxer. Please help me find him a good home.

POSTING DATE: 09/22/2023

Name:  Morrison

Email Address:

Morrison is a 7 year old neutered Border Collie mix. He has been an amazing dog, very intelligent, very loyal. He is high energy but with a walk a day he's good to go!

My husband and I brought home our sweet baby two weeks ago and our 7 year old border collie mix did not take to him well at all. He started getting uncharacteristically aggressive to the point where it's was unsafe to keep him in the house. My husband has reached out to every shelter in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky and they are all full. Also, we can't really risk training him because of how he was with the baby. Super super sad situation because it was the last thing we expected because he had been such a good dog. We had just not seen him with babies or kids before.

POSTING DATE: 09/22/2023

Name:  Baraka

Email Address:

Baraka is a 5 year old neutered Siberian Husky. He is crate trained, and potty trained. He enjoys the company of children and adults. We have a 2 year old at home and Baraka enjoys how messy of an eater he is. Baraka used to enjoy going to the dog park to socialize, but we have not taken him as often these last two years since we have had a baby. He does get separation anxiety, especially when in a new environment. He can take a few months to adjust to being crated in a new environment. Our female Akita does not tolerate him in the home since she hit maturity, and we now have to keep them separated to avoid Baraka getting hurt in a fight. Baraka deserves to be in a home where he can socialize with the other members of the household at all times, he thrives on attention and stimulation. We are stretched to our limit at the moment and think Baraka could have a better quality of life in a more suitable home.

POSTING DATE: 09/16/2023

Locally Owned pets needing a new home

Below are adoptable dogs needing a new home because their owners have had a lifestyle change requiring them to find a new home for their pet.   Please be aware that the dogs posted on this page are courtesy listings.  These dogs do not belong to Wish Bone Canine Rescue; we have not assessed or examined them.  All information provided has been submitted by the owners; we cannot verify its accuracy.  For additional information or to adopt, please contact the owner listed. 

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Name:  Hazel

Email Address:

Hazel is a female 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd mix. She is not spayed. I would appreciate if the new owner just gives her the love and attention she deserves. She’s a very playful and energetic dog so be ready to be active for some time.

POSTING DATE: 09/25/2023

Name:  Dolly

Email Address:

Dolly is a spayed 4 year old Dachshund/Pitbull mix. She loves to cuddle on the couch! She is anxious at times so whom ever takes her needs to have a lot of time and patience. A fenced in yard or leashed to go outside is a must. She truly is a sweet dog and deserves to have a home where she is not left alone.

With a change in my work schedule I am traveling and the care for Dolly has been left to my older children but they are in school and have after school activities and jobs. It’s not fair to keep her home alone all the time.

POSTING DATE: 09/27/2023