Name: Charlie Rhae

Email address:

Charlie Rhae is an 11 months old spayed American Pit Bull mix. She has developed an unhealthy prey drive for the cat in our home. After working with a trainer and trying to create boundaries and bond our dogs, she is not thriving in this environment any longer and needs to be an only dog in the home. She is an amazing dog that wants to love and snuggle but needs lots of boundaries and an experienced handler to help her have an amazing life she deserves. I have invested in a trainer who has agreed to go with Charlie to her next home and start over training to give her the best shot!

Charlie is a very strong willed dog, as well as physically strong. She loves to play fetch, go on long walks and hunt moles and squirrels. She needs to be with an experienced handler that can create healthy boundaries and be patient with her. She loves bully sticks and cow ears. She has been on interceptor for heart worm. She has a pet plan with Glenpark Animal Hospital for a few more visits and her shots this year that I have to continue to pay because she used most of it for her spay. She eats Purina’s pro plan lamb and rice. She has a chicken allergy.

POSTING DATE: 01/05/2021

Name: Diesel

Email address:

Diesel is a 1 year old unneutered, male Pit Bull. He is a very good dog. He gets a little hyper at times but he is very people friendly and loves kids.

POSTING DATE: 02/01/2021

Name: Captain

Email Address:

Captain is a 4 year old neutered Great Dane. I recently had a baby, and Captain is too large and clumsy around a baby, bumping into and smacking it with his tail. He doesn't listen well and has recently bit my older son while rough housing trying to protect me while pregnant. Captain does have a non vicious bite on his record from my child, but shows no signs of aggression towards anyone or anything. He is a big lap dog who loves attention and giant stuffed toys. He is UTD and heartworm negative.

POSTING DATE: 02/11/2021

Name: Tank

Email Address:

Tank is a two year old, 130lb English Mastiff and is not neutered. He has shown to have aggression issues towards food and toys around other dogs, because of this, he should be the only dog in the home.

Tank is sweet as can be around people. He loves to love, and loves attention from his people. He also likes to play with other dogs, however when it comes to food and toys he doesn’t like anyone touching them but him and his person. He would love his own yard to run in and a couch to lay on and maybe his own human brother or sister (8 or older). Please consider adopting him as he is the sweetest boy, he just needs to be the only dog in the home.

POSTING DATE: 02/04/2021

Locally Owned pets needing a new home

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