Adoption Process

Things to keep in mind before beginning the adoption process

  • Wish Bone is run predominantly by volunteers.  We do have a small facility, but many of our dogs are in foster homes.  Puppies are nearly always in foster care and, if too young for adoption, will require a nonrefundable deposit that goes toward the adoption fee.  This helps assure that the puppy has a family waiting for it on adoption day.   The best way to view our dogs is to fill out the online adoption application, so that we can make you an appointment to meet the dog you are interested in adopting.  You are under no obligation to adopt by filling out an application.

  • Animals and prospective adopters meet by appointment after an adoption application has been approved.  Approval usually takes 24-72 hours.  

  • If you have any questions before filling out the application, please contact us at rather than calling on the phone.  Handling everything online cuts costs, allowing us to use funds to benefit the rescued animals, instead of for excess overhead.

Filling out the adoption application

Prior to completing the adoption application, we ask that you read the following:

In order for your application to be speedily processed, all information, especially your veterinary and/or personal references, must be complete.

Once your application has been submitted, one of our volunteer application processors will contact your veterinarian and at least one of your personal references - all processing is done from volunteers' homes.  Application processing generally takes less than 72 hours.  You will be contacted immediately once processing of your application has been completed.  Once approved, you are expected to be ready to meet the dog within three days (with the exception of puppies too young to be adopted and their mama's, for whom we will request a deposit to hold until they are ready for adoption).  

Adopting your dog

If all goes well at the adoption meeting, you will be expected to take your new pet home that same day. You will be allowed to keep the pet's collar, but you must provide your own leash, so please bring one on adoption day.   As for payment of the adoption fee, we can accept cash, credit or debit card, cashier's check or money order for payment of adoption fee.  We cannot accept personal checks.

Please be aware, due to time constraints of our volunteers and foster parents, we do not meet adopters for a second time. Therefore, please do not apply for this animal if you are going on vacation or a business trip, or if you are otherwise unable to take the animal home within three days of approval.  It is against our policy to "hold" dogs as we do not want them to miss out on the opportunity to be adopted, and we do not deliver or ship dogs. If you are unable to meet the pet within 3 days of your application being approved, we must move immediately to the next applicant.  

In order for your application to be processed quickly, all information - especially your veterinary and personal references, must be complete.  Please let your personal references know that we will be calling.

      Things we consider in the adoption process

Wish Bone Canine Rescue prides itself on facilitating a good match between our foster pets and prospective adopters. We consider the personality traits, habits, and needs of the animal, and carefully evaluate how it might fit into the lifestyle of the prospective adopter.

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