Pet Name: Roxy

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Roxy is a one year old intact female Lab/Pitbull mix. She is very lovable, loves to cuddle. She has a lot of energy, loves to play. She is cage trained (when we leave, and at night time). Before we got her 3 months ago she was garage kept. We have worked with her on potty training, but we still have to cage her when we leave the house. She was garage kept because she didn't get along with the wife's cat. But I only was told, I never saw her with a cat personally to provide details. She is great with our 9 month old daughter. She has basic training, sit, stay, come, outside. She is a great dog that needs a loving home.

POSTING DATE: 03/10/2020

Pet Name: Benji

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Benji is a 13 week old intact male German Shepherd/Pitbull mix. He is making great progress potty training. He will go to the door when he needs to go out. He is also becoming very comfortable in his crate, he sleeps in it every night. He has learned ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ and shows good potential for learning more tricks. He has been around cats and little kids and does well with them. He is a very sweet, lovable puppy and loves being around people but he is just a puppy so he gets excited and jumps up. He is also up to date on his shots.

POSTING DATE: 2/26/2020

Locally Owned pets needing a new home

Below are adoptable dogs needing a new home because their owners have had a lifestyle change requiring them to find a new home for their pet.   Please be aware that the dogs posted on this page are courtesy listings.  These dogs do not belong to Wish Bone Canine Rescue; we have not assessed or examined them.  All information provided has been submitted by the owners; we cannot verify its accuracy.  For additional information or to adopt, please contact the owner listed. 

If you own a dog that you can no longer keep and would like to find a new home for it, click on the link below which will take you directly to our application for posting your dog.  Please complete the form and submit and we will post as soon as possible.  Dogs will remain posted as a courtesy listing on our website for one month, after which you must resubmit a new application.

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