Pet Name: Baxter

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Baxter is a six year old neutered Boston Terrier Mix. He is good with children, including infants. Very quiet; only barks if someone comes to the door. (Not bothered at all when neighbors visit or play right outside my window or walk past the door.) Crate-trained, housebroken, and well behaved. Is used to being in his crate for 10 hours/day while previous owners were at work. He walks very nicely on a loose leash, even past dogs and rabbits. He cooperates well during baths, grooming, and for the vet.
Baxter LOVES walks, car rides, and especially being with people. He can do well in an apartment (as he is doing now) because he doesn't bark and ignores irrelevant sounds. He is not afraid of storms or fireworks. He has food sensitivities and seasonal allergies (Spring and Fall), so must make any dietary changes very slowly. Rehoming fee of $125 includes crate, 2 beds, bowls, and the rest of his gear. He is on heart-worm and flea preventatives.

POSTING DATE: 10/04/2020

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