2020 Bunn St., Bloomington, IL 61704

Dog's name: Dexter

contact owner : hales.mccormick@gmail.com 217-433-4364

Dexter is 2 year old Norwegian Elkhound. He has been altered and is housetrained. He is great dog with a ton of energy. He is protective of his family. He is very loving and playful.

POSTING DATE 02/16/2018

Dog's name: Rory

contact owner : gocubs401@yahoo.com 309-838-2235

Rory is a 10 month old Anatolian Shepherd. She is a wonderfully sweet girl. She is fabulous with my young children and has a very gentle soul. Rory is a very big girl. She is a large breed and needs a lot of room to run. She would be ideal for someone having a farm or large fenced in yard. Rory is both house and crate trained, although she still needs a little work on her listening skills. Rory is up to date on her shots, microchipped and spayed.

POSTING DATE  02/16/2018

Dog's name: willow

contact owner : laurelshriner@yahoo.com 574-377-2877

Willow is a 5 month old Blue Heeler.  She is house and crate trained but has not been altered. Willow is tha sweetest girl. She loves to snuggle and learn new tricks. However, she IS NOT suited for apartment life. She needs a yard and lots of exercise. She is great with new people but not with cats. I am unsure of dogs. She is eager to learn and love you, but she is high spirited as she is still a puppy.

POSTING DATE  01/28/2018

Dog's name: RIGBY

contact owner : laceyhillard@aol.com 217-597-3712

Rigby is a two year old German Shepherd/Labrador mix. She has been altered. She is house broken and kennel trained. She loves going for walks and can be cuddle but also rambunctious do to her breed. She has had one class of obiedence classes at paw a day. She is up to date on all shots and has been to doggie daycare with other dogs. She seems to do fine with our two year old son. She may need work on territory with bones. But has never shown major aggression. She just needs time and love.

POSTING DATE  01/15/2018

Locally Owned pets needing a new home

Below are adoptable dogs needing a new home because their owners have had a lifestyle change requiring them to find a new home for their pet.   Please be aware that the dogs posted on this page are courtesy listings.  These dogs do not belong to Wish Bone Canine Rescue; we have not assessed or examined them.  All information provided has been submitted by the owners; we cannot verify its accuracy.  For additional information or to adopt, please contact the owner listed.

If you own a dog that you can no longer keep and would like to find a new home for it, click on the link below which will take you directly to our application for posting your dog.  Please complete the form and submit and we will post as soon as possible.  Dogs will remain posted as a courtesy listing on our website for one month, after which you must resubmit a new application.