Dog's Name: Naruto

Contact Owner:

Naruto is 6 year old neutered Siberian Husky. He needs a one pet home, or a home with large breed dog(s), he doesn’t get along with small dogs. I did have a cat that he was fine with but that was 3 years ago and I’m not sure how he would do now. Currently gets walked 2-3 times per day, and goes on a line besides that for fresh air and potty breaks. We suggest gating him in a tiled or linoleum space, he hates being crated and gets very anxious but can be placed in one as long as it is secured well as he is an escape artist. Chronic lung changes from previous heart worms (treated) may require medications in the future but he does not currently take anything. He has bi-colored eyes, loves children and people excessively. Does not generally sleep on furniture or beds as he gets hot, and can treat the house like a racetrack when he’s excited. Not a lap dog and is not one for too many cuddles, he’s an independent sort of dog in that way but will also follow you from room to room. He is a counter surfer so be careful about leaving food out! He is AKC certified and I have his papers.

POSTING DATE: 07/17/2019

Dog's Name: Roman

Contact Owner:

Roman is a 4 year old neutered Great Dane/Boxer mix. He is a great dog that loves to cuddle. He is typically very laid back and only barks when someone is at the door. He is house broken and crate trained. He is great with kids! He's fine with cats. He used to be in a home with another dog and they would sometimes fight. He also bit a man he did not know that came onto my brother's property. He is a very protective dog that needs to be trained not to do these things. He would be a great dog with some extra training!

POSTING DATE: 06/28/2019

Dog's Name: Triscut

Contact Owner:

Triscut came to me from a friend. He is a 2 year old neutered Terrier mix. He is verbal and smart. He can fetch, come, "get in your bed", and walk on a leash. He snuggles in the evening after his energy runs out. He likes to be brushed in the morning and willingly takes a bath.

POSTING DATE: 06/24/2019

Dog's Name: Marley

Contact Owner:

Marley is a 7 year old spayed American Bulldog. She is very smart, follows commands, does well in the kennel. She doesn't do well with Female dogs and is protective of food. She is good with children as long as there isn't food involved! She would do best in a home without other dogs.

POSTING DATE: 06/30/2019

Locally Owned pets needing a new home

Below are adoptable dogs needing a new home because their owners have had a lifestyle change requiring them to find a new home for their pet.   Please be aware that the dogs posted on this page are courtesy listings.  These dogs do not belong to Wish Bone Canine Rescue; we have not assessed or examined them.  All information provided has been submitted by the owners; we cannot verify its accuracy.  For additional information or to adopt, please contact the owner listed. 

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