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Volunteer Opportunities

At the volunteer orientation, you can sign up for what you might be interested in.

Adoption Application Processing/Scheduling Team

This is a position that is easily completed from your own home. Must have access to computer and phone during your scheduled week. Must make daytime and evening phone calls to contact applicants and check references. This is an important and fast-paced position designed to get our dogs into the best homes as quickly as possible. Estimated time commitment: about 4 hours, but depends upon how many applications you choose to process on your week

.Adoption Specialist Team and Adoption Specialist Leader
​Our adoption specialists sign up to perform adoption meetings during times that work with their own schedule. You will be asked to volunteer for a minimum of 2 slots per week. The adoption specialist meets with potential adopters at the shelter or offsite adoption events. They help adopters complete necessary paperwork and answer basic questions. This is one of our most fulfilling volunteer roles. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours minimum, may choose more time slots as you want.

Adoption "Check Up" Team"Call Back Team.
Will email parents of our adopted dogs after our dogs have been in their new home for 2-3 weeks. If they return contact and are having problems, connect them with any needed resources (such as training) that they might need. Estimated time commitment: about 4 hours weekly, depending on the volume of adoptions

Adoption Events Team
​Assist the team leader with loading/unloading dogs and supplies for offsite events, setup, dog walking during events, and talking to potential adopters about our wonderful dogs. Estimated time commitment: adoption events generally run 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Transport Team and Team Leader
Transport dogs to and from WBCR. Some transport may involve taking dogs to the vet and staying for the appointment. Other transports are day trips to and from neighboring states; still,others are just a few hours. Must be willing to handle dogs. Estimated time commitment: depends upon the trip.

Petfinder Team
Enter our dogs' pictures and bios to Petfinder and other portals. You will sign up for one week per month. Dogs arrive from once a week to every day. Must be available to do all updates on your week within 8 hours. The sooner the better! Will need a computer and decent computer skills. Good writing skills are a plus. This is a very important team, dedicated to posting our dogs for public view so that they can find their forever homes as soon as possible. You will also be responsible for any updates on your week. Estimated time commitment: depends on dog intake during your week, but 3-5 hours is the norm.

Website Updates Team
Updating events and pictures. Estimated time commitment: up to 4 hours on your assigned week.

Grant Writing Team
Experience preferred, but not required. Good writing skills are a plus. Will assist in researching and writing grants. Estimated time commitment: will depend upon number/difficulty of the grant(s) you volunteer to work on.

Grooming & Bathing Team and Team Leader
Experience is a plus. Must be comfortable handling dogs and able to lift at least 25 pounds. Help keep our dogs looking and feeling their best! Estimated time commitment: sign up as you are needed, up to 2 hours per week.

Help with various projects at the shelter. Experience with carpentry, etc. is a plus. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week.

Help our animals by using your skills to raise our visibility in the community. Contact radio, TV, print, etc. Work on getting us as much FREE exposure as possible. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week.

Vet Teams & Support
Vet techs, vet assistants, and nurses, and those willing to work hard and learn are needed. Areas include surgical & medical assisting, surgical prep, and recovery. Some jobs may be learned as we go. Need availability on Thursday afternoons, as this is the normal surgery day. Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per week.

Vet Records
Need availability during weekday afternoons. Allso needed for composing adoption folders, data entry, etc. Data entry skills, quick thinking, and problem solving skills are a plus. Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per week.

Dog Walking & Socialization Team
Exercise our dogs or give them play time in order to mentally and physically stimulate our in-shelter dogs. Estimated time commitment: 1+ hours.

Office Volunteer Team
Must be available during the weekday. Help in the office by answering phones, receiving customer, answering basic questions, helping with computer work, and keeping the office tidy. Good people and computer skills required. Estimate time commitment: 2 hour minimum per week required.

Laundry Team Members and Team Leader
Pick up bags from our porch and return the next day or as soon as possible. This is primarily soiled blankets and towels. Wash in cold water, detergent, and bleach. Estimated time commitment: about 2 hours per week.

Community Events
Chair event or volunteer to help. Labor Day Parade, Annual Speaker seminar, or maybe you will have an idea for a great event to do! If you love to plan and organize, and have good people skills, this one is for you! Estimated time commitment: will depend on each individual event.

Community Outreach
​Help spread the word about our shelter throughout our community! This is a great program for folks who don't have much time to spare, but still want to be involved. Every month, we receive lots of requests to set up information tables about our shelter at local pet supply stores, service fairs, etc. Also, looking for speakers to speak at community groups about our mission.

​Community Outreach
Volunteers are responsible for representing WBCR as "Shelter Ambassadors." Will work closely with Community Events team. Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours per month

.Donation Development
Our organization is completely dependent on donations. This committee assists in finding individual and business sponsors and overseeing donor recognition. Also, find in-kind donations throughout the pet industry locally and nationally. Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per week.

Doggie Biography Writers
​Work with our fosters, shelter staff, and Petfinder team to add some personality and sparkle to our dogs' website/Petfinder biographies. Great writing skills and creativity is a must. Write bios and do updates. Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours per week.

"Thank You" Team
Make sure that we send out thank yous, thank people for memorial donations, and recognize tributes. Will work with finance, director, and website people to recognize and thank our donors on a timely basis! Estimated time commitment: 1-4 hours per week.

Photography Team & Photography Team Leader
Team leader will facilitate a rotating schedule for weekly photo sessions. Will be responsible for sending out sign-ups and general team oversight. Team members will photograph our animals in the most flattering way possible. Will email pictures to Petfinder team. Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours per week.

Video Team & Leader
​Make short vignettes to use on Petfinder, Facebook, etc. in order to better market our dogs! Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week.

No-Kill Committee Members
Please review our mission and information on our website. Also visit nokilladvocacycenter.org. If you believe in our mission, we need your help! Members will meet and implement strategies to convert our McLean County Animal Control to a no-kill facility. You can make a difference! Estimated time commitment: 1+ hour per week.

Foster Team
Work to find foster homes for all WBCR dogs. Various team members will work together to: process foster applications, share information regarding new dogs with foster parents and arrange placement in foster homes, answer foster questions, provide support and resources to WBCR fosters, help collect info on all dogs to share with potential adopters, remind foster parents about upcoming events and attendance, assist with foster recruitment and answer questions for those interested in fostering. Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours per week.

Food Bank Team Members
Will organize food donations for low income members in our community. Team leader will seek donations from businesses, keep in contact with our referral organizations, such as PATH, Community Action, etc, and organize volunteers to pick up and give out available food and pet supplies. Estimated time commitment: 2 hours a month - Assigned one Saturday a month. We distribute on the first and third Saturday