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Make a donation by providing item(s) from our wish list

If you would like to help us in our efforts to save homeless animals, the following is a list of items we use most often.  Wish Bone Rescue depends on the generous donations received by the public and every gift of dog food and supplies keeps us from having to purchase these items.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support! 

Dog Supplies
Anti-pull harness (esp. L & XL sizes)                                           
Collars (Esp. XS, S, & M sizes)
Toys and balls                                            
Rawhide Bones (any size)                            
Rawhide Chips
Kongs (all sizes)

Adult canned ground food (not the chunky)
IAMS dry PUPPY food
IAMS/ Pedigree Canned PUPPY food
Wire crates (all sizes)                                             

Office Supplies
Business Envelopes (white)
Legal pads
Manilla folders
Masking tape (Scotch Brand or other high quality for surgical bundles)
Reams of Copy Paper
Duct Tape
Postage stamps   

Cleaning supplies                            
Dishwasher detergent  
Distilled Water     
Garbage bags (tall, kitchen)
Hand sanitizer
Laundry detergent        
Wysi Wash tablets (Amazon) kennel cleaner

Window cleaner
Toilet paper   
Scrub sponges
Toilet cleaner

Other great stuff
Gas cards
Krazy Glue (reclosable cap)
Vaporizers (good quality)
Ziploc style baggies (Snack, Sandwich, Quart, and Gallon)
Garbage bags (black, 60 gal)