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adoption success stories

We love receiving follow-up emails from dogs that have been adopted! Here are some of their heartwarming stories. Newest stories are listed first.


We saw Mia’s photo and story on the Wishbone website and we just had to meet her. Our wonderfully behaved Husky, Jens, is getting older and we knew we should get a young dog while he was still able to help us teach proper manners. We contacted Wishbone about Mia, and they encouraged us to bring Jens with us for our first meeting with her. They got along famously! We were told that Mia had a history of destructive behavior in her former home, and that she might suffer from separation anxiety. We saw no signs of anxiety when we met her, so we decided to give her a chance. We knew that Siberian Huskies need long, traveling walks every day. We suspected that all she needed was a lot of exercise, a good canine role model, and a slight name change. Mischa is doing beautifully! She runs like an antelope around the dog park every morning-- and is making lots of new dog friends there-- and she travels a few miles every evening with Rudy and Jens. At home she is a perfect lady! I have no worries leaving her at home now, and she shows no signs of anxiety whatsoever. She’s busy, happy, and content. We are so grateful to Wishbone for saving our sweet, loving Mischa (formerly Mia) for us. We could not have found a better dog- we absolutely LOVE her!

Suzanne and Rudy Ordonez
Bloomington, Il

Mischa (formerly Mia), Rudy, and Jens, ready to walk, August 9, 2012



Back in March of 2011, I adopted a chihuahua named Maddie from Wishbone Rescue.
From the first moment I layed my eyes on Maddie, I knew there was no way that I would be able to leave without adopting her and taking her home. Maddie is such a wonderful dog and has become the love of my life. I couldn't ask for a dog that is better behaved & so full of heart. How anyone could have abandoned this precious dog is so beyond my understanding. It has been so rewarding knowing that I've been able to give her a wonderful home where she knows she is loved and treasured (and spoiled, but she deserves it!) I often feel like it's Maddie that rescued me instead of the other way around. Adopting her was perhaps the best decision I have ever made and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Wishbone Rescue.

Nathan Bottorff



Just a note to let you know Rufus is doing very well here in Milwaukee!! He's is a great little guy and loves to go with us everywhere and sure knows how to win the hearts of all he meets!! He and the cats are playing nicely and he is such a joy to have in the family. Thank you for rescuing Rufus and thank you for choosing our home! We just love him! A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!

Harley (formerly Princess)

She is doing wonderfully.  We (my husband, Noah and our 2 cats and Harley) gather in the living room each evening for play time.  (mornings too) Harley and Noah are interacting and playing together and Harley gets so excited that she jumps up and races around the couch in delight.  She does not bother with the cats and they have no problem interacting with her.

She sleeps in bed with us at night and sometimes hops out to go out and sleep with the cats. She loves her walks with Noah at least twice a day and romps in the back yard if Mom goes with her.  She snuggles in my husband’s lap and in mine.  She has a big toy box full of toys and we play with them and toss them all over.  Sometimes I get on the floor with them and we wrestle and rub tummers.  Animals at our house are free to get on the furniture and she has no problem with that.

She goes to daycare at #1 pet care and loves it.  She still is wary of the car and if she does not know where I am.  If she “loses me in the house” it sets off a panic and then we cuddle and have reassurance time.

Now that we are getting on our routine, it has helped with the potty accidents.  Plus she has calmed down considerably and has picked her spot to lay in the living room.  Guess where, back of the lazyboy chair next to the cat bed,  She can see everyone coming and going from her spot.  Cat doesn’t care either.

So I guess what I am telling you is thanks for helping bring this blessing into our home.

Kim Bardwell

Ellie Mae

Ellie May
I want to say Merry Christmas from me and Ellie Mae (I adopted her a year ago May from you and attached her picture).  And I want to say how very grateful I am to have her in my life.  I have moved to California and everyone who sees her just loves her and wants her for their own.  Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas!
Martha Vachon (Becks)




We just wanted to say thank you for the Christmas Card from Chance! We adopted Chance on Nov 27, 2011 and he is a wonderful addition to our family. We would like to pass a long a special thank you to his foster family and hope you can pass this email on to them to let them know Chance is doing well and we love him very much. He still has a lot of puppy but he is more consistant with commands like sit, stay, come, etc. He loves to travel as we took him last weekend to visit family in Missouri! He loves playing with his toys, especially his new big ball (see picture)!!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Stacey Rieger and Dan Downard



Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Wanted to let you know Thor is all healed, and he can finally play in the yard without a leash. He is growing like a weed and is spoiled rotten. You rarely see him without his lamby; he's had it since we brought him home and takes good care of it. I'll make sure you get some pics at Xmas with him and the grand kids.

Kathy Schrimsher

Winston (formerly Teddy)


We couln't be happier with our new little friend. We have decided to name him Winston. He has settled into our house just fine and loves running all over the place with his dog toys! He is very playful and well behaved at the same time. Thank you so much for helping us find our little friend. Without your website we never would have know that he was out there waiting for us. Thanks again!!





We adopted Roo January 2011. He is fitting in well with the family. He and our yellow lab Lily get along great and he just loves to play with our ferret, Q-Tip. He is such a sweet, well mannered dog. He sleeps in bed with us every night and just wants to be close to anyone that will give him attention. He loves to talk while he plays with Lily and his dad, loves to play catch inside and out, and play tug of war with anything. We cannot imagine our lives without him.

Luke and Amber Werts





Just wanted to let you know that Rufus is doing wonderful. What a precious, well behaved little guy. He rode all the way home on my lap like a trooper. He has made himself at home already, finding the couch, playing with the cats and of course right up into our bed. Slept like a baby all night! I can't believe this little guy was left, lost or never claimed. We are very thankful he came into our lives and we're looking forward to many good years together! We will keep you updated with pictures as Rufus grows and continues to make progress! He is just an unbelievable good pup. No accidents either! Thank you for letting us take Rufus into our home!

Laurie and Doug Krueger



Baby is doing really well and we’ve noticed quite a change in her over the last few months.  She’s finally settling down and learning to relax which is great.  She and Biggs are finally starting to “hang out” more and more even sleeping by one another on the couch under their blankets.  While she will always be a stubborn little terrier, she is starting to listen and obey commands much better.  We’ve had quite a bit of “company” lately and she is responding much better to new people.  We have instructions for people who are coming over that they are to completely ignore her (hard to do because she’s so danged cute) until they have settled in for their visit and until she is calm.  Then, they can acknowledge her.  She’s pretty protective and was nippy, but she does great when people just listen to our instructions.  When we are outside working or playing, she has her favorite spot in the yard to sun herself.  Biggs is teaching her to “hunt” and she along with Biggs has developed a taste for Avanti’s spaghetti (white no sauce), rice, carrots, and Culver’s plain butter burgers.  She has taught us patience and has been good for Biggs in not being afraid of storms.  So all in all, a great match has been made on both sides!  We can’t believe we’ve had her for almost a year!    

Amy Wick

Peanut (formerly Antonio)

I thought you might like an update on Peanut (formerly Antonio). I adopted him on May 4th, and he has made himself right at home! He bonded to me right away, and was housebroken by the second day! He loves to go bye-bye, and I take him with me to garage sales to help socialize him. Like most Chihuahuas, he is aggressive if someone reaches out toward him while I am holding him, but if I put him down and allow him to approach the other person on his own, he is very friendly. He does great on a leash, and I take him for bike rides - he riding in the basket on my handlebars! He gets along well with our other dog, as long as he doesn't show any interest in the other dog's rawhide chew! Peanut doesn't seem to know how to play - only in the past week has he shown signs of playfulness, although he gets very excited when I arrive home from work! He is definately a lap dog, and he is very loving. I'm so glad I adopted him!


Lily (formerly Gracie)

Just wanted to update you on Lily (Gracie). She is the sweetest dog there ever was. She is my little shadow and goes everywhere with me. We are all getting a lot more exercise because of her and our neighborhood has also fallen in love with her. She loves the dog park, playing fetch, and getting brushed at night. We love her and can't imagine life without her!

Loki (formerly Poncho)

We took Loki to the dog park for the first time last night, and today he has been exhausted from all of the running and playing he got to do. At night, as we watch tv on the couch, he is the most calm, relaxed, and cuddly dog I have ever had. We are so happy to have him in our lives, he is a joy to have around.


Zena has brought a lot to our family and she is keeping us on our toes. Zena loves to play ball and playing keep away with her toys. Thank you again for the opportunity to adopt Zena, she has become such a wonderful part of our family.

Sherri Taylor

Annie (formerly known as Angel)

Annie is the sweetest, most loving dog either of us has ever met. She loves snuggling and is learning how to play (and finally figured out what to do with dog treats, which she now loves and scarfs down within minutes).

We just didn't want this season to go by without letting you know that she is doing fabulously and we couldn't picture our lives without her. We still don't know how anyone could give her up and let her out on the streets, but she has a wonderful home now, and we'll never let her go. Thank you for giving us our baby. :)

Courtney Enlow and John Hall

Ferris (formerly known as Pedro)

Here's one of Ferris napping with his big sister in the chair and his brother on the ottoman. He's doing great and is the sweetest kitten I've ever had. he's made himself at home in a very short time and won over all of his new brothers and sisters. Today was his first day of freedom throughout the house and he was a champ. Thanks again for everything you do for all of these guys. Please let his foster mother know we appreciate her hard work with him. He's a sweetie.


We just wanted to let you know how much harmony "Harmony" has brought to our household!  She and Bruno are like long-lost siblings. They run and wrestle and cuddle every day. Mr. Bruno really needed a companion and she has been the perfect fit!  Thank you for all of the great work you and your volunteers do to help save dogs like our little mama.  I can't imagine ourworld without her!

James, Angie, Ian, Bruno & Harmony Sneeringer

Dexter (formerly known as King)

Just want to let you know that Dexter (King) is doing very well. He's actually way more mellow than I thought he would be.  He's very good on the leash and we actually just drop it and he walks within a close proximity for the most part. Our first day at Petco he licked a 2-year old's face and made him giggle and we've had nothing but compliments on him everywhere we go.  We're so happy with him and I'm going to look into some agility training and maybe some pulling competitions so he has some activities to work towards. He seems to be very content and well mannered.  He was extremely fast about learning his new bed, which he uses very frequently. Thanks again!


We brought Chanel home last night. She did great! Lydia LOVES her. This morning she said…"oh, I even love her bark!" So cute! Thanks again for everything!

MarLoChanel was adopted to a wonderful home tonight! Also, Lexi, Chanel's foster mom, did a great job with her. She taught her to sit, and she is nearly housetrained.