I hadn’t really been considering getting a dog, but my daughter wanted a puppy, so we started looking and found Krissi (Ani), one of the bird litter pups, in October 2014. When we went to Wish Bone for the adoption meeting, we saw a dog in the window and I felt an unexpected connection to her and learned she was the mother of the bird litter. After we left Wish Bone, I kept thinking about her.   That dog was Raven and I decided we needed to be together, a decision that made all the difference in the world to me. You see, Raven saved my life… more than once. The first time was just two months after we brought her home.  She kept pouncing on the bed on night until she woke up my husband who found that my blood sugar had dropped to dangerously low levels. A few months later, this amazing dog kept following me closely around the house, refusing to leave my side. On the 3rd day of this behavior, I developed a sudden weakness on one side of my face and went to the ER. They diagnosed Bell’s Palsy and sent me home. Two days later, I was at home doing chores and needed to go to the basement to do laundry, but Raven sat in front of the door, blocking my access.   When I asked her to move out of the way, she laid down in front of the door. So, I decided I would wash the silverware instead, but discovered I could not grip the handles. A trip by ambulance back to the ER and we discovered I'd actually had a stroke. This amazing dog who came into my life when I really wasn’t looking for a pet had saved my life again.

Sadly, in April of this year, we lost Raven to extensive intestinal perforations. Raven was always a nervous chewer, but I didn’t worry about it too much. She would chew up toys or socks, whatever she happened to have nearby when the chewing urge came over her.  Raven swallowed bits and pieces of the things she chewed and this time, it took her life. My plea to you - Please watch your dogs if they are chewing on anything and if they are chewing off pieces, don’t take a chance -- throw that object away. We miss Raven dearly, but are thankful for the time we had together. - Tonya Gullquist 

Raven's Story