In memory of Oreo Hunt. Oreo was a very special family member to Lori, Troy and Sydney. May she be healthy, playing and looking down from heaven and know they loved her very much! Oreo, you will be greatly missed!

In memory of Michelle White. May your spirit live on in your family and friends who love you.

Tributes and memorials - 2018

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Memorials:  Memorials may be made in memory of individuals or pets who have passed away.  When a special individual or animal companion leaves us, it marks a time of loss and grief.  Your memorial donation will help the dogs rescued by Wish Bone Canine Rescue find loving new homes.  Please donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  For each donation, a virtual candle will be lit and a photo with your special words will be placed on our memorial page for one year. 
Tributes:  You may also help animals in need by paying tribute to someone special. Give a donation to Wish Bone Rescue in honor of an individual, beloved pet, family member or friend (in lieu of a present) and we will send them a card announcing your gift. 

In honor of Anderson

In memory of Pat Wall

Merry Christmas to Kim and Nate! Love, Mom and Dad Beck

Ed & Cindy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Greg & Diane

In honor of Rachel Brandt and Dan Cunningham

In fond memory of Pat Wall and her sweet dog Coco.

In loving memory of John Newby

In memory of Thomas Young - A Journey In Life Very Well Done. Rest In Peace.

In honor of Cleo (WB alum Darcy). We love and feel very blessed to have found her.

In honor of two Wish Bone fosters!

In honor of Butters

In loving memory of Teddy

Tripper Hoback was a special dog, friend and family member. May he find peace over the Rainbow Bridge chasing his tail and tennis balls.

In memory of my dear cousin Deborah Wieting. So many wonderful memories of you growing up. You were very dear to me.

Northpoint Elementary class 5RS has donated in honor of their teacher Mrs. Rebecca Spears.

In memory of Deborah Wieting

Memorial in memory of my beloved boys Casey and Draco and in tribute to the gift of my Belgian Malinois, KC, who has helped immeasurably to heal my broken heart.

In honor of Liz, here's to hoping you have a happy birthday!

John was a quiet, calm, and super sweet man. He will be missed by so many people. My prayers are with his wife, Pam, and his family as they grieve.

In memory of Ryan Goode and Tucker

In memory of Al Whiteside

It hurts to lose someone

Find help atGrief Share

This donation is in honor of Jacob's 10th birthday. In lieu of presents he requested donations to Wishbone, what a thoughtful idea!

In memory of Michelle White. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Dasher brought joy to the Kern home for over 10 years. They were blessed with his unconditional love. We hope that this donation helps another pooch find his forever home. 

My deepest sympathy. You are in my thoughts. Love you.

In memory of my sweet Trisha

For very good boy Cooper Oloffson and his very good mom, Cathy

In honor of John Holaway

In honor of Sage

In memory of a kind and generous person. Love, Kenn and Richard

In memory of Ryan Goode

This tribute is in honor of Jenny’s Birthday. Jenny is an animal lover and specifically requested that instead of gifts she wanted to help animals. She has a big heart!

In memory of Abby, my wonderful mother, Nancy McReynolds's, dear departed canine companion. Happy Christmas, Mom! I love you very much. xo

In memory of Evelyn Beattie, mother of Donna Beattie. Evelyn adored her grand-dogs, Charlie and Sophie, who were both adopted from Wish Bone. Charlie and Sophie brought Evelyn joy and comfort during her illness and this meant a great deal to her family. Rest in Peace.

Merry Christmas, Stephanie!

Love, Uncle Vince, Aunt Cathy, and Duncan

Happy Birthday to Patty Lewis, in memory of Copper.

In honor of Baylee's birthday!!!

In Loving Memory of Boone.

In memory of my sister

In loving memory of Tom Halsey

In memory of sweet Ingrid

Happy birthday Cassandra! We hope that another dog can find a loving home like Jersey did with you and Bruno!

In honor of John Newby and our dear friend and studio sweetheart Pam Newby.
Georgia, Jennie, and the Move. Team

Kindness to Animals
by Anonymous
Little children, never give 
Pain to things that feel and live: 
Let the gentle robin come 
For the crumbs you save at home,-- 
As his meat you throw along 
He'll repay you with a song; 
Never hurt the timid hare 
Peeping from her green grass lair, 
Let her come and sport and play 
On the lawn at close of day; 
The little lark goes soaring high 
To the bright windows of the sky, 
Singing as if 'twere always spring, 
And fluttering on an untired wing,-- 
Oh! let him sing his happy song, 
Nor do these gentle creatures wrong.

Kim, Animals will have a better life on this Earth because of you.