Support Wish Bone  Wish Bone has rescued and placed 867 dogs in 2015 and over  3300 dogs since we started in 2009..​Wish Bone Canine Rescue is a 501(c)3(3) not for profit organizatinas recognized by the IRS.  Donations are eligible for tax deduction.   We assure you that your gift will be well-used and wisely spent. Wish Bone works with businesses, pet companies and veterinarians to get supplies and services at a discount – so we can stretch our funds to help even more animals. Choose a one-time donation or a recurring donation.

Support WBCR with your Donaton to the New Building Fund:   Help us Raise the Woof on our new building!.  Wish Bone Canine Rescue is dedicated in providing a new facility to meet the needs of our abandoned or abused dogs. If you have every been to our existing facility, you know we are simply running out of room.   Please join us in this effort by donating to this fund.  Make a monthly donation of $50 or more to become a Kennel Sponsor and your name will go on a placque to show support for our dogs.  

Support WBCR Critical Care Fund: Every so often one of the dogs we see in a shelter has serious medical needs -- often requiring surgery and/or complicated care.  We never want to have to make a decision about whether a particular dog will live or die because it has been hurt or injured in the past.  Your contribution makes sure we never will.  Choose a one-time donation or a recurring donation.