For the great work done by all for those without voices. 

In Memory Of Dave Daughterty

This weekend, the Feathers family said goodbye to Anubis. While it was one of the hardest days I’m sure he had the best life ever. He was loved fiercely. Rest in paradise, buddy. love you forever. 🐾 🖤

In loving memory of Lisa Galloway - Missed but never forgotten

In memory of Ruth and her dogs

Sport was adopted October 2014. When I picked him up I was told that they were waiving the fees as he was such a handful. But he was the most loving dog ever. He hated the car but would tolerate a ride to the dog park or daycare where he could run or play in the pool. Failed as a bird dog but could go to point on a butterfly. He loved to snuggle, especially during the winter. Would want out during a rain storm just so he could be toweled dry. Diagnosed with cancer in March and lost his battle July 23, 2020. Great, goofy, one of a kind Llewellin Setter.

My father, David Hutton, passed away April 29. He always had dogs in his life. Anderson Evans, loved by Stacey, passed away May 20. Both embraced life and joy fully. Both are greatly loved and greatly missed.

Thad Sutter had a big heart for people and animals alike, but he especially loved his dogs and enjoyed fostering for Wish Bone. We know he is now in Heaven going on long walks with Banjo by his side.

To help animals which were so loved by Jackson Leffler.

In loving memory of Belle Becker

Lisa-remembering all your kind acts to humans & animals a like. Take care Bob

Ollie was a special little guy with a unique personality! So cute with his chin whiskers and will never be forgotten. He was loved and cared for greatly.

In loving memory of Coco - the luckiest boy with the greatest humans!

In memory of George Gilmore. George loved his dogs and he loved life!

Sweet Karma, soulful girl. Your light was a gift to all that crossed your path. You were a star in the love department. Never a nip or growl or bark, just calm, cool and oh so Hollywood. Your glamorous locks and gleaming eyes, such a beauty. You would say hello to everyone that you came upon with your floating walk and sometimes little bounce. Bows and flowers adorned your hair, you loved to pose for the camera with flare. Above all your Momma Mandy couldn't be thankful enough for all your brought to her life. A partner in crime, confidant,a best friend. You loved well and you will be forever missed. Love -Auntie Diane 

Murphy always kept a Keen Eye on our house. We were always happy to see her and talk with her. It was fun to see her ride on the lawn mower with her mom!

BJ Draper-Anderson, dedicated to her for love and care of all animals

Tributes and memorials - 2020

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Memorials:  Memorials may be made in memory of individuals or pets who have passed away.  When a special individual or animal companion leaves us, it marks a time of loss and grief.  Your memorial donation will help the dogs rescued by Wish Bone Canine Rescue find loving new homes.  Please donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  For each donation, a virtual candle will be lit and a photo with your special words will be placed on our memorial page for one year. 
Tributes:  You may also help animals in need by paying tribute to someone special. Give a donation to Wish Bone Rescue in honor of an individual, beloved pet, family member or friend (in lieu of a present) and we will send them a card announcing your gift. 

In memory of Flynn Hinton

Get well doughnut!

It hurts to lose someone

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In Memory of my 1st Cousin
Dave Daugherty

In memory of Zander (formerly Zazu). An unexpected blessing and a best friend to us and to all. Thank you, Zander, for rescuing us. We miss you and you will forever be in our hearts.

In Tribute to "Penny"