Keisha was much loved by Heather.  She was a great dog and good mentor to the dogs that Heather and her family fostered for Wish Bone.

Animals' emotions are raw, unfiltered and uncontrolled. 
Their joy is the purist and most contagious of joys and their grief is the deepest and most devastating. Their passions bring us to our knees in delight and sorrow

In loving memory of Shelby, one of Florence’s bestest pets! RIP Ms Shelby!

In memory of beautiful Ruby. With deepest sympathy to her family, Jeanette and Percy.

Cody was a good boy that will always be remembered by his PCA friends.

In memory of Renee Fogle

You will be missed Stardust. Have fun playing with Connor...

In memory of Bev Miller

In honor of my rescue..Belgian Malinois 9 month old puppy I named K.C. in memory of my beloved Casey and Draco Kohlmeier. What joy to the heart to rescue a pup who so badly needs and deserves a second chance/forever home.

In memory of Charlie Wills

It hurts to lose someone

Find help atGrief Share

In memory of beloved pup, Beretta.

Rest In Peace Lilly. I will miss you

In honor of our dear neighbor and fellow dog-lover!

Natasha was Amanda's sister. Amanda is an amazing and integral part of the BJHS family.

In honor of Joyce Hightower's birthday... "Happy Birthday, Joyce!"

​​For Roy Mack Brown and his loving dog Angus

​​Because you'll never turn away a dog, we now have Chuck (formerly Sherman). He's wonderful and we cannot thank you enough for rescuing him. (And of course, for all the love you gave to Fiona while she visited with you!)

Our Deepest Condolences on the loss of Bailey Bryant. Bailey's goal was to become a veterinarian and to work with animals. 

In honor of Nuk for Reini Winders

Carl and Shawn, thinking of you during Holiday Season​

This donation in Nuk's memory is made in celebration of Reni's birthday!

In memory of Vicki Clifton

In memory of Bev Miller, Idgie and Ruby's Grandma.

​​Steve, thank you for your 12 years of service on our MCCA Board.

​​We were so sorry to hear of Jean's passing and will be keeping all of you in our prayers.

2020 Bunn St., Bloomington, IL 61704

Deeply missing our sweet and snuggly Maisy girl whom we lost too quickly to Canine Lymphoma.

In memory of Bailey Barnard, beloved family member of Bob and Debbie Barnard

May this gift help make many new memories for dogs in need, giving love, happiness, and comfort to dogs and owners in Jet's name. Blessed are we who have the privilege of knowing the love of a loyal pup. Thank you to dogs everywhere for the unconditional love you give us every day!​

Allie you may have had a rough beginning but Amy and Josh recognized your sweet soul and they will love it and you forever.

From your friends at Country FInancial

​​In memory of Larry Salvator

Rest in Peace Sweet Gabby.

The family of Ruth McCurdy is honored to remember their beautiful loved one by paying it forward with this donation. Joni Stewart, we love you, and our hearts are with you as you remember your mom. The Systems Learning Team

In memory of a dear loved one, Robert "Bob" Harold Fedden.

In honor of your career with the Illinois state police and in support of your passion for animals...a donation has been made in your name. Thank you for all you have done for 2 legged and 4 legged creatures!

Tributes and memorials - 2017

​Click here to make your memorial or tribute donation.
Memorials:  Memorials may be made in memory of individuals or pets who have passed away.  When a special individual or animal companion leaves us, it marks a time of loss and grief.  Your memorial donation will help the dogs rescued by Wish Bone Canine Rescue find loving new homes.  Please donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  For each donation, a virtual candle will be lit and a photo with your special words will be placed on our memorial page for one year. 
Tributes:  You may also help animals in need by paying tribute to someone special. Give a donation to Wish Bone Rescue in honor of an individual, beloved pet, family member or friend (in lieu of a present) and we will send them a card announcing your gift. 

Rest in peace sweet Sady

Rest in peace, sweet Kis!

We lost our spoiled girl, Bailee, on October 6th after 13 years of wonderful memories. She was an amazing companion and loved so much. She is missed terribly!

Bailie watched my two children last summer and did such a great job! we loved having her be part of our family for the summer. she was a great young woman and will be missed. I am so sorry for your loss. Bennett Family

In honor of Nuk and Reini

Connie Hopper was a lover of pets and a donor to Wish Bone Canine Rescue.Her wishes were to leave a donation to to help pets.

In memory of Karen Kay Rome

In memory of Buddy, the best little frisbe dog ever. Buddy was a rescue dog with a huge heart who brought love and joy to James and Skye in Australia for 15 years. We miss him and cherish his memory.

Rest in peace sweet, handsome Stuart. Miss Jackson will not be the same without you

Donating in dedication to Larry Apfelbaum, because he is AMAZING!